The SJB Story

After 13 years in the masonry trade, passed down from his father, Steve Bunn started SJB Masonry. The company was started in 2007. While starting the company during some of the more difficult economic times, in the construction industry, the business has and continues to grow. Today our work includes commercial, and residential, masonry and concrete.

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Our values and beliefs are the foundation for which SJB is built upon.


We are not satisfied with the status quo and possess a bias towards Continuous Improvement.

We demonstrate an unparalleled set of standards in our sense of urgency, prompt communication, and dedication to customer service.


We do what’s right, even when no one is looking.

As an industry leader, we pursue the highest ethical standards in services, innovation, safety, and quality.


We build today for a better tomorrow.

As responsible corporate citizens, we strive for lasting client relationships through development and continuous improvement that enhances our employee’s skills, a work-life balance; gaining experience and perspective through our work and being stewards of our communities and environment.


We know the sum of the whole is greater than its parts, and together we can accomplish the unthinkable!

Through teamwork, our problem solving and decision-making leverages integrity, ingenuity, and experience to deliver the best solutions!

Our People

The strength of an organization lies within the strength of its people; we have no weak link!

Through leading by example, we are diligently focused on creating an empowering and challenging environment for our employees, fostering a collaborative and mutually supportive atmosphere built with trust, integrity, respect and humbleness.

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